Skye Lois Prestia

Shannon and Albano of Versus Paint Specialists are the happy and proud parents of a beautiful little girl… Skye.

Shannon and Albano are two of the sweetest, gentlest, kindest, big-hearted people you’re ever likely to meet. They’re hardworking and passionate, loyal and trusted friends. The kinds of friends who’ll e-mail you with the subject “kebabs”, and a note to try out the new Woolies lamb kebabs (just because they know you love lamb, and because out of sight isn’t out of mind..). The kind of friends who tell it like it is – they’ll tell you when you’re being silly, but they’ll be there for you regardless. The kind of friends who are truly inspiring, and who have made the most wonderful parents!

Welcome Skye – you’ve chosen very special parents!

DSC_9126 (Medium)

DSC_9185 (Medium)

DSC_9255 (Medium)

DSC_9316 (Medium)

DSC_9384-2 (Medium)

DSC_9412 (Medium)

DSC_9496 (Medium)

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