Namibia’s Desert

Explorations and journeys in the beautiful wide open expanses of Namibia. I have tried to capture the beauty at sunset and the sunrise, when the light paints the sand and sky…

What an extraordinarily beautiful destination, where God uses the sun and the wind as his paintbrush. By night, the moon and the stars light up the sky, and by day the sun casts its glory across the horizon in majestic hues.

The stillness, the serenity, the tranquility, the incredible unspoilt beauty, the clear skies, the clean air and the balmy nights… what a blissful destination! If only we could have stayed longer…

November 2009

PS. Wendy’s already planning our return!

DSC_2214 (Small)

DSC_2246 (Small)

DSC_3073 (Small)

DSC_3031 (Small)

DSC_2661 (Small)

DSC_2617 (Small)

DSC_2889-2 (Small)

DSC_2467 (Small)

DSC_2690 (Small)

DSC_2679 (Small)

DSC_2746 (Small)

DSC_2834 (Small)

DSC_2895 (Small)

DSC_2907 (Small)


DSC_3052 (Small)

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