Namaqualand – colours abound…

These are some images taken by Jordy Rosenberg on a trip through Namaqualand.

Namaqualand was one of our “when we’s” or “one day’s” – its been on Wendy’s list of destinations of choice (which, might I add, is extremely long and ever-growing…) for years and years.

Finally, this year, we decided it was time to stop and smell the flowers – or, at least, photograph them!

Jordy is a photographer that manages to delve into his subject and transform that experience into a visual image bringing that through to the viewer… His photographs are works of art as well as moments captured in time…

(August 2009)

DSC_5988 copy

DSC_5760 copy 2

DSC_6403 copy

DSC_5710 copy

DSC_6068 copy

DSC_6621 copy

DSC_5730 copy

DSC_6536 copy

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