Julius Pupkewitz turns 90

I was privileged to share Julius Pupkewitz’s 90th birthday with him in Windhoek, Namibia.

Uncle Julius and Auntie Naomi have been close friends of Wendy’s family since 1981, when Wendy, Doron, Elana and Isaac moved to Windhoek. During those nearly three decades, a close and special friendship has developed.

Uncle Julius and Auntie Naomi have blessed us by coming to Joburg to share in our family’s major simchas – starting with Doron and Hayley’s wedding, Alon’s birth and bris, and Gadi’s birth and bris. In 2007, they – as per tradition – came to Joburg to share in the celebration of our wedding. Unfortunately, Uncle Julius fell ill, and spent the entire trip in Morningside Clinic. And that was the last time we saw him until November 2009, when we all went to Windhoek to share in the momentous celebration of Uncle Julius’ birthday. And having last seen Uncle Julius when he was so ill, it was that much more wonderful to see a healthy, happy 90 year old!

We are truly grateful to have shared in this wonderful occasion. We are also truly grateful to have been hosted by Uncle Julius and Auntie Naomi – truly wonderful, hospital and generous hosts! Auntie Naomi, thank you for all your care and for looking after us so well!

We wish you both health, happiness and fulfilment till 120!

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