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Who is Jordy Rosenberg
A journey into the mind of Jordy Rosenberg – a damnfine photographer

It’s quite something to sit down and write about your husband… especially considering that this is my first attempt at blogging. A journey into the mind of Jordy Rosenberg, you say? Well – how do I sum up my darling husband, and his incredible talent and passion for photography, in a few simple lines??? Jordy has a passion for photography, a passion for life, a passion for people, for work and for friendship. Most striking of all, is probably his way with people. When I married Jordy, I married my best friend. Our romance blossomed (certainly on my part) only years after our friendship did. Jords and I went to the same hostel. It was a joint boys and girls hostel, and the interleading doors between the boys and the girls side were locked nightly at 9:30. Jordy, of course, had a full set of keys to the building. So he would sneak out, and come sit on my windowsill, and chat to me until I eventually rolled over and went to sleep. He tells me little has changed! He has the most wonderful way of developing friendships with all and sundry, no doubt due to his genuine interest in people, non-judgmental approach, relaxed nature, sense of humour, and heart of gold. All of these qualities of Jordy “the individual”, shine through in Jordy “the photographer”. He has a unique approach to his business and his industry in general and it is this belief, merged with the desire to help, inform and generally increase knowledge that makes him a pleasure to be with…. He’s the kind of photographer I would want to hire to capture my most special moments – because he genuinely cares, he’s reliable, and he has a deep passion and commitment to capturing the moment, and creating lasting memories, whilst those being photographed relax and enjoy the moment. On the downside??? Well… his spelling sucks!

Jordy is based in Rivonia, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Whether it be photography, photographic advice, framing, artworks / art pieces for your home, weddings, barmitzvah, batmitzvahs, product launches, pregnancy (maternity), kids, year-end functions or any other photographic needs…. I would most certainly suggest you give him a call…

Wendy Rosenberg – wife, companion, fellow (part-time) photographer, friend and soulmate…
Jordy Rosenberg

Jordy Rosenberg

Jordy Rosenberg